Love and Logic Class

Lakeview Academy will be holding Becoming a Love and Logic Parent class beginning Wednesday, February 11. The class will be taught by one of our parents, Kelli Boren.  It will run for 6 weeks from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.  The Love and Logic Parent Course has been updated and revised.  Even if you have attended in the past, you may find something new and interesting in this class. 

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Child care will not be available.

2015-2016 Lottery


The 2015-2016 lottery is now open until February 15th.

Students currently enrolled at Lakeview Academy DO NOT need to apply for the lottery.

Siblings not currently attending WILL need to apply for the lottery. 

Upcoming open houses/tours:

Wednesday, January 28th @7pm

Thursday, February 5th @7pm

Tuesday, February 10th @7pm


Our Mission

Lakeview Academy's mission is to develop Capable, Confident, and Contributing members of society through learning experiences which foster growth, creativity and character development.  These "three C's" are an integral part of the purpose and design of our program and the school takes great pride in developing these noble qualities in our students.

Capable: A student who is knowledgeable, inquisitive, and an open-minded problem solver.

Confident: A student who is able to approach situations with courage, integrity and a strong sense of self-worth.

Contributing: A student who is caring, responsible and proactive in his/her family and community.

Our Philosophy

Lakeview Academy believes that learning should be exciting and never-ending.  Thus, our primary goal is to help our students and their families embrace the idea that learning is a life-long joyful experience which extends beyond the classroom.  We strive to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting as well as challenging.  In addition to traditional teaching methods, the school's students gain knowledge from hands-on experience, reflection, and real-life application of things they have learned in the classroom.  Collectively, these varied learning experiences result in authentic understanding gained from personal knowledge.  The arts, technology and community service are fundamental dimensions of this experience.  Rich opportunities for experiencing these areas are integrated throughout the school program and provide students with a distinct and useful understanding of the world around them.  The school also encourages and provides opportunities for students to use the "three C's" to make a difference in their community and become productive members of society.

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