Enrollment info

Open Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year begins December 15th and goes through February 15th. 

  • Only one application per family is allowed.
  • After February 15th students will be added to a waitlist according to inquiry date and will not be included in the main lottery drawing.
  • If your student is currently enrolled at Lakeview Academy, they do not need to be entered into the lottery.  They are automatically enrolled for the next year, unless we receive written notice indicating otherwise.
  • If you have a sibling of a student currently attending Lakeview, it IS  necessary to place their name in the lottery.  Siblings of currently enrolled students will get priority, but still need to go through the lottery process.
  • Applicants accepted through the lottery process will receive email notification.  Once you are notified that your student has been accepted, you must complete an online enrollment packet and return your documents to the office by the date on the acceptance letter.   Failure to submit a completed packet by the date specified will be confirmation that the position offered has been declined.
  • Applicants not accepted through the lottery process will not receive notification. You can check your lottery status on the website with your confirmation number any time after the lottery has been run.
  • It is necessary to apply each year as our database is purged annually to prepare for the lottery.
  • Each grade level has 4 classrooms with 26 students per classroom. Availability is determined by whether or not a classroom is full. Spots will be offered from grade 9 down to kindergarten depending on spot availability and waitlist placement.