Mr. Paul Hanson

Middle School Art Teacher

The University I studied at was Boise State University with a BFA in Illustration, and then spent 2 years private study at the Ashland Academy of Arts (Now Atelier Maui) under Russian artist Semyon Bilmes.   

My favorite food is probably Thai or Chinese...I love a good Panang curry!

My favorite weather season is Fall- the colors, the milder weather, the holidays soon approaching.

My favorite type of pet is A Hippogriff named Shubert.  Real life?- we had a cute and clever little min pin we called Mazie.

When I am not working at Lakeview Academy, my main passions are painting (sorry but-duh), tennis, playing guitar, outdoor stuff, building things, and cooking- although in my new place the cooking will be quite limited...

When I was 5 years old, I was pretty sure I'd be an archeologist or a cartoonist when I grew up.