Dress Code


  • Solid color polo or button down with sleeves and collar
  • Long- or short-sleeved
  • Sleeves and collar must be same color as shirt
  • Logo must be smaller than a quarter.
  • Undershirts must be school approved colors or white

Elementary:  White, pink, navy or light blue
Middle School: Any solid color not elementary
No neon, florescent, metallic, denim, or “heather” colors


  • Professional casual slacks, pants, shorts, skorts or jumpers
  • Color: Tan, Black, Navy Blue
  • Fit: Must sit at natural waistline and not show underwear
  • Style and fabric: Must be hemmed, and free from rips or tears

No excessively baggy or too tight
No shorter than 4” above the knee when standing
No jogging pants or sweat pants
NO athletic shorts or yoga pants unless in PE

Approved Plaid

Blue Gold Plaid

French Toast

View Plaid Samples

Navy Plaid

Lands' End

View Plaid Samples

Socks, Leggings & Shoes

  • Shoes: any matching close-toed shoe
  • Shoe choices must be appropriate for the activities of the day and help a student remain safe while participating
  • Socks must be worn
  • Socks must be predominately solid color
  • Leggings, tights or shorts must be worn underneath skorts, skirt or jumper

No lights or wheels on shoes
No flip flops, slippers, sandals or backless shoes
Solid white, navy or black leggings / tights only
Elementary girls may also wear light pink tights or leggings
Middle School girls may wear nylons with skirts / dresses

In-Class Wear: Hoodies & Cardigans

  • Hoodies, cardigans, sweaters or vests 
  • Must be solid color in grade-approved colors
  • Middle school students must wear Lakeview-approved hoodies
  • Sports team members may wear approved team jackets

Jean / denim jackets
Pull-over sweatshirts / hoodies
Lightweight jackets or windbreakers
Blankets used as a jacket

Hats, Accessories & Hair

  • Hair must be non-distracting in color and style
  • Any un-natural / hair coloring not permitted, to include hair extensions or clip in braids
  • Accessories must be non-distracting in size and style

No hats or sunglasses on campus
No visible tattoos (temporary or permanent) or facial / body piercings
No excessive / distracting jewelry

Pride Land Dress - every Friday

  • School-approved t-shirts 
  • Solid blue jeans or denim shorts 
  • Students may also wear regular school bottoms or tops

No ripped or torn jeans
Pants, etc. must be hemmed
No overalls or denim jumpers

Dress Down Days

  • Students may wear school appropriate everyday clothes on dress-down days
  • School approved shoes only

Gang colors/symbols
No inappropriate language or phrases
Mesh, see-through,torn or ripped
Bare midriff or shoulders
Flip-flops, sunglasses or hats

Sports Team Dress

  • Home Game Day
    Dress Up - shirts / ties for men, dresses / skirts / dress slacks for ladies 
  • Away Game Day
    Team shirt / jacket and blue jeans or school-approved bottoms

Skirt length must not be shorter than 4” above the knee
Coaches will confirm with Admin any exceptions


  • Students go outside almost every day. Please send appropriate outerwear.
  • Outerwear is NOT worn in class

Please send shoes to change into if your student wears snow boots to school
Students also need in-class hoodie / cardigans (see above)