Lakeview Academy Board of Trustees Meeting

May 11, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.

527 W 400 N Saratoga Springs, Utah

The mission of Lakeview Academy is to develop Capable, Confident, and Contributing members of society through learning experiences that foster growth, creativity, and character development.

The purpose of the board, on behalf of the citizens of Utah, is to see to it that Lakeview Academy (1) achieves what it should according to the Lakeview Academy Charter and state laws and (2) avoids unacceptable actions and situations.

Supporting Documents, Recordings, Minutes, and Financial Reports may be found a one of the following, the Utah public notice website, or by emailing

Agenda May 11, 2023

Minutes May 11, 2023

  1. Welcome and Roll Call (7:00 p.m.)
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Reports (7:10 p.m.)
    1. Director’s Report
    2. Board Member Reports
    3. Board Updates
    4. Financial & Accounting Reports
      1. Financial Scoreboard
      2. Annual Financial Metrics
      3. Balance Sheet Report
      4. Income Statement Report
      5. Consolidated Annual Program Report (APR)
      6. Check Register Report
      7. P-Card Purchase Reports
  4. Public Comment: The public may address any issue unrelated to items already on the agenda. Participants are asked to state their names for the official minutes, and please be concise. If you cannot attend the meeting, you may email your comments to to be included in the minutes. Please submit your comments two hours (5:00 p.m.) before the start of the meeting.
  5. Public Hearing
    1. 2022-2023 Amended Budget
    2. 2023-2024 Budget
  6. Study Items
    1. Computer Use Policy & Internet Safety
  7. Action Items (7:50 p.m.)
    1. Out of School Time Programs Policy
    2. Adult Education Student Participation in Graduation Activities Policy
    3. Work Based Learning Program Policy
    4. Foreign Exchange Student Policy
    5. Grievance Policy
    6. Plan for College and Career Readiness Implementation Policy
    7. Financial Oversight Compliance with Laws Policy
    8. Procurement Policy
    9. Human Resource and Payroll Policy
    10. Financial Oversight Policy
    11. Ethics and Whistleblower Policy
    12. Financial Business Office Policy
    13. Audit Committee Policy
    14. Special Education Handbook
    15. Child abuse and Reporting Policy
  8. Board Business (9:30 p.m.)
    1. Board Member Appointments
      1. Alan Daniels
      2. Rene Loraine
    2. Enhancement Updates
    3. Training Updates
    4. Board Calendar
  9. Closed Session (9:35 p.m.)
    1. A motion to enter a closed session per Utah Code 52-4-205 to discuss litigation matters, acquisition of real property, or authorized personnel issues. (all motions, except the motion to exit the closed session, will be made in an open meeting)
    2. Return to Open Meeting
    3. Action may be taken regarding litigation matters
    4. Action may be taken regarding authorized personnel issues
  10. Adjourn (10:00 p.m.)