May 8, 2014

Lakeview Academy Board of Trustees Meeting

527 West 400 North Saratoga Springs Utah

(all times listed are approximate and the board reserves the right to vote on any item on the agenda) 

1.  Work Session (6:00 p.m.)

2.  Welcome (7:00 p.m.)

3.  Roll Call (7:00 p.m.)

4.  Pledge of Allegiance (7:00 p.m.)

5.  Reports (7:05 p.m.)

a. Director's Report

b. Board Member's Report

c. Financial Report

i. Balance Sheet Report

ii. Cash Flow Report

iii. Income Statement

iv. Reconciliation Report

6.  Charter/Law Training (7:35 p.m.)

a. Oh'Crap now What! Section 9 Procedures to Review Parents complaints

7.  Consent Agenda (7:55 p.m.)

a. Financial Report

b. Minutes March 11, 2014

c. Saratoga Springs Permanent Sign Permit Application

8.  Public Comment (8:00 p.m.)

9.  Policy Review (8:15 p.m.)

a. Financial Planning and Budgeting

b. Fundraising

c. Part Time Enrollment

d. Head Injury and Concussion

e. Instructional Matierials and Library Disuse

f. Board President's Role

g. Governing Style

h. Computer Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy

10.  Action Items (8:50 p.m.)

a. Health Care Renewal Rates

b. H-Wire Contract

c. Proposed 2014-2015 Amended Calendar

d. Occupational Therapy Contract

i. Suzanne Zibetti

ii. University of Utah

iii. Diane Peake

e. Auditor Proposal Review Selection

f. RFQ Auditor, Eide Bailly, Larson and Company, Squire

g. Property Valuation for Insurance

h. Building/Property Status Report, Course of Construction Coverage Activation Form, LVA SoV, LVA Property Statement of Values 2016, LVA CoC SoV, Course of Construction Statement of Values

11. Public Hearing

a. Purposed 2014-2015 budget

b. Amended 2013-2014 budget

12.  Board Business

a. Governance Training: Brian's Top Ten Board Bonks, Accountability includes your charter and your Board's performance

b. Board Event Schedule

c. Letters of Resignation Rachel Chatfield, Natanya Nielsen

d. Appointment of Peter Chamberlain to Parent Elect Board Seat June 2014-June 2016

e. Awards:  We received nominations for Charter school of the Year, Director of the Year, Teacher of the Year: Lisa Heath and April Thompson

f. A motion to enter a closed session in accordance with Utah Code 52-4-205 for the purpose of discussion of litigation matters, acquisition of real property, or authorized personal issues.

g. Action if any from closed session

13.  Adjourn (10:00 p.m.)