Carpool Drop Off / Pick Up

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For the safety of our students our carpool is a "NO PHONE ZONE". 

Please refrain from being on your cell phone during carpool.

The route described below is for both AM and PM times.

Please review these procedures to ensure that your student’s drop-off and

pick-up is a safe experience.

**Please do not drop off or pick up students in the front parking lot. This

area is for those parking and coming into the building.

**Please use the left most lane to drop off and pick up your students.

**Only load and unload students along a sidewalk on east or west side of

the school. Marked as blue on the map.

**Do not stop in the right lane because this stops the traffic flow. As a spot

opens up along the sidewalks, pull in for drop off and pick up. The idea

is to flow like the SLC airport plan. The outer lane should always be


**The school does not designate specific drop off or pick up spots for

students. Please refer to the map and discuss with your child(ren) an

area where you will pick them up.

**Please do not park your car and leave it for any reason in the drop off or

pick up zones. If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in the front

parking lot.

Students can congregate in their designated spots before the first bell rings.

 Kinder and 1st grades will be on the back playground.

 2nd and 3rd grade will be on the front playground. 

4th and 5th will be on the grassy knoll outside Gym 2. 

6th and MS students will be inside, upstairs by their pod doors. 

Students who want to eat breakfast will go to the outside cafeteria doors and be admitted at 7:30. 

**Please do not drop off your students prior to 7:30. 

**Please be courteous to aides and teachers who are outside to supervise the drop off and pick up process. Their only interest is the safety of every student.