June 14-15, 2013

Lakeview Academy 

Board of Trustees Meeting

527 West 400 North Saratoga Springs Utah

(The times listed are approximate and the board reserves the right to vote on any item on the agenda)

Friday June 14th

1. Welcome (6:00 p.m.)

2. Roll Call (6:00 p.m.)

3. Tour New Section of the School

4. Dinner available for Board Members (6:30 p.m.)

5. Pledge of Allegiance (7:00 p.m.)

6. Reports (7:05 p.m.)

a. Director's Report

i. Utah Special Education Report

ii. Enrollment Report

iii. 9th Grade Capstone Report

iv. CRT Report

b. Financial Reports 

i. Balance Sheet Report

ii. Cash Flow Report

iii. Income Report

iv. Bank Reconciliation Report

v. Administrative Purchase Procedure Report

7. Policy Review (7:55 p.m.)

a. Truancy Policy

8. Public Comment (8:00 p.m.)

9. Consent Agenda (8:15 p.m.)

a. April Financial Report

b. October 16, 2012 Minutes

c. January 10, 2013 Minutes

d. February 7, 2013 Minutes

e. March 21, 2013 Minutes

f. May 9, 2013 Minutes

10. Public Hearing (8:20 p.m.)

a. Budget Hearing of the Budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year

b. Budget Hearing of the Amended Budget for the 2012-2014 fiscal year

11. Action Items

a. Fee Wavier Policy

12. Board Business (8:45 p.m.)

a. Review Board Roles and Responsibilities 

b. Review Job Descriptions


Saturday June 15th

1. Breakfast available for board members and invited staff (9:00 a.m.)

2. Governance Presentation by Lincoln Fillmore

3. Charter Review 

4. Training Manual or Procedure for New Board Members

5. Review Strategic Plan 

6. Review Agenda for Board Meetings need changes?

a. Board Wiser Governance Training

b. Charter Trainings Schedule & Effectiveness

7. Committees?         What do we have and are we using them effectively?

8. Lunch available for board members and invited staff (noon)

9. Budget & Financial Policy

10. Grant Writing Committee

11. Fundraising in SAC

12. How can we best support SAC

13. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

14. Role of Admin

15. Review Director Evaluation & Merit Pay Evaluation

16. Teacher Evaluation

17. How do Board Reports pertain to ends Policies

18. Calendar of Events and What Ends Policies they meet

19. Website additions

20. Christmas Party

21. Back to School Gifts

22. Other Items

23. Adjourn