Site Advisory Council (SAC)

The Site Advisory Council provides the director(s) and staff of Lakeview Academy with the necessary support in fulfilling their responsibilities to the Board of Trustees and stakeholders of Lakeview Academy.

SAC accomplishes this through coordination and recommendations. Final approval for all events, activities, curriculum changes (additions, deletions or supplements) rests with either the Director(s) and or the Board of Trustees. The council further develops and executes their areas of responsibility in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the school and in accordance with any specific guidelines or directions passed down by the Director(s) from the Board of Trustees.

Questions? Email the SAC Committee at

SAC Committee Members

  • Elizabeth Doermann, Chair
  • Monica Payne, Vice Chair
  • Arin Rohrbach, Secretary
  • Jessi Tueller, Treasurer
  • Laurie Nail, Elementary Life Advisor
  • Aliese Salmond, Club and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Amanda Harrison, Academic Advisor/Book Fair Coordinator
  • Melissa Davis, Fundraising
  • Erika Espinoza, Public Relations and Sponsor Liaison
  • Richard Veasey, Director
  • Anne Bills, Assistant Director
  • Kimberly Thompson, Assistant Director

SAC Committee Meeting Minutes