September 13, 2012

Lakeview Academy 

Board of Trustees Board Meeting

1. Welcome

2. Roll Call

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reports

a. Director Reports

i. CRT Reports

b. Board Reports

c. Financial Reports

i. Financial Report

ii. Balance Sheet Report

iii. Cash Flow Report

iv. Account Reconciliation Report

5. Charter Training

a. Open Meeting Law

6. Consent Agenda

a. July 2012 Financials

b. SB-95 Technology Grant

c. HB 513 Early Intervention Grant

d. 2012-2013 Salary Wage Agreements

e. Squire Letter of Understanding

f. Ensign Engineering and Land Surveying Contract

g. Starndard & Poors Rating Service Contract

h. 2011-2012 Amended Budget

i. Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Report

j. Kirton & McConcie Engagement Letter

k. Miller Architectural Contract

7. Policy Review

a. Treatment of Students Policy

b. Fee Wavers Policy

c. Administration of Medication Policy

8 Public Comment not related to items on the agenda, each comment is limited to 2 minutes

9. Action Items

a. Strategic Plan

b. Parent Volunteer Policy (PALS Policy)

c. School Parent Compact

d. Board Business/Strategic Planning

e. Resoultion 091312-1 The Lakeview Academy Board of Trustees (BOT) is delegating the task of prepairng the Trustlands Grant to the Site Advisory Council (SAC).  The SAC will be responsbile to submit the grant to the BOT in a timely manner for approval prior to submitting the grant to the State.

f. Building Updates

g. Governancie training

h. Preventing Board Schiophemia

i. A motion to enter a closed session for the purpose of discussion of litgation matters, acquisition or real property, or authorzied personal issues.

j. Action if any from closed session.

10. Adjourn