Ms. Darian Grimshaw

Third Grade Teacher

The University I studied at was: Southern Utah University.

My favorite food is: Mexican, Italian, or barbecue; all of them pair well with a cold Dr. Pepper! :)

My favorite weather season is: Fall! I love seeing the leaves change and the temperature is perfect.

My favorite type of pet is: My two blue heeler/black lab mix dogs (they’re brother and sister from the same litter), Champion and Bailey.

When I am not working at Lakeview Academy, I like to: Watch movies (bonus if it’s a Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, or Harry Potter movie), listen to albums on vinyl, cheer for the Boston Red Sox, and go to Disneyland (if I have a few days off!)

When I was 5 years old, I was pretty sure I'd be a ­­­­teacher when I grew up. I was that friend that made her friends play ‘school’ growing up. I pulled out TV trays for desks and I wrote on my bedroom mirror with Crayola markers for my whiteboard.