Fine Arts

Lakeview Academy feels that an education in the fine arts is essential to create a balanced learning environment. 

Research studies have shown that fine arts "helps [students] to think more creatively and 'outside the box' when approaching other academic subjects as well as real-life situations." (Champions of Change, 1999, p.38, p.39, Figure 1, Teachers College/Columbia University study).

The Fine Arts program at Lakeview Academy has three separate components: music, theater, and visual arts. We feel that a combination of programs  gives  teachers detailed, well-organized, and comprehensive lessons, which provide our students with a solid and enjoyable fine arts education. With the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills learned from this integrated fine arts program, our students are learning to be confident in their own artistic abilities. They become capable of greater creativity, gain a deeper appreciation for others' talents and interests, and have a more profound perspective on life. All of these things  motivate students to make significant contributions in whatever they choose to do.

We invite parents with expertise and experience in these areas to volunteer their time and talent to enhance the learning of our students. The more knowledge, skills and perspectives we can offer students, the better they will grasp the beauty and importance of the fine arts in their education as well as their everyday lives.


Our theater program has a two-pronged approach:

 1) Elementary Drama where students explore different types of theater arts through group activities and games.  The children have experiences doing pantomime, puppetry, storytelling, readers' theater, scene acting, songs with choreography and some dance as well. The elementary drama department prepares and presents one full-length play each year. 

 2) Middle School Drama and Stage Tech.  These classes teach drama concepts, skills and creative expression. It also allows students to create, design, and direct their own plays and then evaluate the performances. Students learn stage lighting, sound and set construction techniques.  The Middle School Drama department prepares and presents two full-length plays each year. Older elementary students are invited to participate in one of these plays. Our state-of-the-art "theater" , which is incorporated into one of our gymnasiums, has auditorium seating, high-tech lighting and sound and an extendable stage which accommodates a variety of performances. 


Lakeview Academy offers music education to elementary and middle school students. Our music curriculum at Lakeview Academy is designed to meet the National Standards for music education:

  •  PERFORM.  Students learn performance technique and etiquette and are provided opportunities to perform music they have worked to master.
  • CREATE.  Students learn rhythm, pitch, and mechanics of music, then create their own music using the skills they have learned.
  • RESPOND.  Students are exposed to different genres and styles of music and learn to analyze, assess, and discover music meaningful to them.
  • CONNECT.  Students connect music with other subjects they are studying such as art, history, and science, thus deepening their understanding of both.

Elementary Music

 Elementary art engages our students by helping them develop fundamental art elements through hands on experience. This program exposes students to a vast curriculum including the elements and principles of design, drawing, painting and sculpture. Our student artists have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of art history and culture while creating their own masterpieces.

Additionally, elementary students participate in a "sing-along" at holiday time, sharing songs each grade has practiced. 


Middle School Music

Lakeview offers a variety of music classes for middle school students. Band, guitar and orchestra are available as electives, as is choral music. Sixth graders have the opportunity to participate in a beginning band program.  Middle school music students participate in a quarterly "Arts Night" which showcases their progress throughout the year. 

Visual Art

Elementary Art 

Elementary Art engages our students by helping them develop fundamental art elements through hands-on experience. This program exposes students to a vast curriculum including; the elements and principles of design, drawing, painting and sculpture. Our student artists have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of art history and culture utilizing concepts from "Meet the Masters"  while creating their own masterpieces. Elementary artists' work is showcased throughout the school. 

 Middle School Art

Middle School Art exposes students to the background of several master artists, as well as the concepts, techniques and vocabulary of the visual arts. Students are then capable and confident enough to create their own masterpieces by applying specific knowledge to their projects. Middle school artists showcase their work several times a year, including quarterly "Arts Nights".   Examples of middle school art are found throughout the school.