Reach for Reading

Reach for Reading is a reading and language arts program built to teach, model, and apply close reading in whole group with print and digital resources.

Whole group, small group, and independent practice ensure teachers meet the demands of the Utah Core.

Comprehensive, targeted teaching materials ensure that children develop the necessary decoding and encoding skills to become fluent readers and writers.

Students have multiple opportunities in Reach for Reading fluency and word study lessons to apply word knowledge to reading and writing activities.

The Top Reasons to choose Reach for Reading:

  • Authentic Literature and National Geographic Exclusives
  • Foundational Skills with Content-Based Decodable Texts
  • Integrated ELD
  • Rigor-Analyzing Texts and Higher Order Questions
  • Rigor-Close Reading of Authentic Text
  • Writing to Sources and Opinion, Expository and Narrative Writing
  • Vocabulary Development through Content
  • Meaningful Collaborative Conversations