Special Emphasis

At Lakeview Academy special emphasis is placed on Science, Arts, and Technology. This is done by incorporating technology in the everyday classroom, focusing on science and providing an opportunity for all students to participate in and appreciate the arts.

The school is equipped with multiple computer labs. These labs are used to practice keyboarding skills and to engage the students in interactive, educational lessons and games.

The school's science curriculum, aligned with the Utah state standards, is used to give students extensive hands–on exposure to and experience with a wide range of science topics.

Lakeview Academy also places a special emphasis on the Arts. Not only does Lakeview Academy employ both elementary and secondary music teachers,  but students  have the opportunity to participate in guitar, general music, orchestra, chorus, drama and band.  Lakeview Academy has an art studio for the Middle School students and an art classroom for the elementary students.  A Night of the Arts is held quarterly to showcase students’ art. Lakeview Academy’s curriculum choices also provide an in–depth look at classic pieces of Art, Literature and Music.

Our Fridays are viewed as a time to enrich and immerse our students in "real world" experiences. We will use our short-day Fridays for special "Enhancement" activities, which include student research projects, field trips, school assemblies, community service projects, and academic student contests and extension of regular curricular activities.