With the prevalence of technology in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities, keyboarding is an essential, if not critical, skill for our students to develop. We recognize that this is only the beginning skill in a student's technology toolbox. 

At Lakeview Academy, students are exposed to word processing, spreadsheets, graphs, and presentations as well as other computer skills through their writing and research projects and other various assignments in core subject areas.

Elementary Technology

The 1st-2nd grades learn computer basics, and focus on 2-hand typing games, such as those found on and  3rd and 4th grades focus on typing basics, learning home row and beyond, while also exploring word processing.  5th and 6th grade fine tune their typing skills using programs such as,, and other activities that combine typing with learning more advanced features of word processing and slide presentations.  Additionally, classroom teachers schedule computer time weekly for students to participate in a variety of programs that enhance and reinforce language arts, math, science and social studies core instruction.

Middle School Technology

Students have an opportunity to take a variety of computer classes.  Additionally, each middle school classroom is equipped with either a Chrome book or iPad class set. Teachers are encouraged to use technology not only as a teaching resource, but as a vehicle for students to create work and present projects.

With 31 computer labs (some mobile on carts) and many class sets of iPads, Lakeview Academy is a leader in technology access and education.